AFLEX discusses with MGIMO-University delegates’

Moscow State Institute of International Relations delegates

February 23, 2023, /AFLEX/ Addis Ababa: Chief of African Leadership Excellence Academy, Dr. Mehret Debebe, discussed with the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Russia Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) delegates at his office.

The academy Chief enlightened to the delegates, the academy is a training center for senior leaders in a complete training center and that it is being done to make sure the wealth of Africa enlarges the capacity of the continent’s leaders encompassing the level of Africa.

He also explained, the academy gives training in the areas of intuitional leadership, protocol etiquette and others, above and beyond the academy is doing wide-ranging work in research and consulting services, additionally, it is confirmed characterized by reinvigorating Pan-Africanism. He uttered.

MGIMO-University assemblies have also verbalized, the hospitality of the academy, history of MGIMO University, and “Russia-Africa forum: what is next?” on MGIMO base together with expressing, they are interested to work with AFLEX.