Effective Communication and Public Relations in Diplomacy

Training on “Effective Communication and Public Relations in Diplomacy” was provided at the conference hall in Sululta city by the African Leadership Excellence Academy in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to give the diplomats advice on how to interact with the media, Professor Brook Hailu, Senior Advisor at the Academy discussed a few topics. In the morning session, mock interviews were held.

Prof. Brook contends that effective diplomats should be able to speak clearly and succinctly, exercise solid judgment or hold onto reasonable viewpoints, have a sense of cosmopolitanism, and be able to collaborate well. Advertising and public relations know-how were also mentioned as beneficial branding strategies.

He also emphasized and urged the diplomats to regularly update the website with pertinent and recent news material because it is the vehicle to enhance the country profile.

Mrs. Hiwot Alemayehu, the Vice Chief of the program sector at the African Leadership Excellence Academy, led the discussion. Trainee diplomats posed inquiries and ideas, and the inquiries were answered.