Former PM Calls on Ethiopian Diplomats to Prioritize National Interest and Sovereignty

The Former Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, has called on Ethiopian diplomats to prioritize national interest and sovereignty.

In his presentation, “The Paradox of National Interest: Balancing Collaboration and Competition”, H.E Hailemariam covered a range of topics on international relations and national interests.

H.E also shared on the evolution and consistency of Ethiopia’s efforts to safeguard its national interests stating that Ethiopians consistently protected their long-term interests throughout time despite changes in government.

He advised diplomats to embrace the country’s past, value and build on all the good deeds of previous generations, and steer clear of politicizing differences that weaken the people’s unity that reveal weaknesses and damage the image of the nation.

H.E’s presentation weaved theory with personal experience capturing the audience’s attention.