Media Diplomacy and the New Media

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Academy of African Leadership Excellence presented a training session on media diplomacy.

The presentation was moderated, and summarized, by Ambassador Meles Alemu.

Fisha Yitagesu, the CEO, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, presented his white-paper: The Power of Media, New and Old Media for Diplomacy aiming to equip diplomats with the fundamentals of media diplomacy to advance Ethiopia’s interests through diplomacy.

Fishea also provided a thorough explanation of the evolution of media and communication, the state of media in our nation, the function of media, the present characteristics of our nation’s media, the significance of our nation’s media, and the differences between new and traditional media.

The CEO also spoke on the latest developments in social media, media diplomacy, living in the age of new media, how to be a successful diplomat, and the differences between new and traditional diplomacy.