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Message from the Chief of Academy

Leadership is a science as much as it is an art.  African Leadership excellence Academy is where those two meets. Leadership is a timeless endavour. At our academy an inter generational leadership transaction of wisdom transfer happens. In the past half millenium Africa has lost its leadership structure and philosophy due to the many dark histories it  went through including slavery, colonization and internal conflicts.

Our academy strives to create a unique space to incubate, empower and elevate the next generation of African leaders. Though training and research the academy envision to support current leaders in the public, private and civic sectors. In its journey so far, our academy has focused on training senior national leaders in various sectors parallel to its internal reform works. The short-term training and workshop held so far had been fruitful and received a positive feedback from our customers.

In the up coming season the academy will open its doors towards its continental Pan-African agenda. As part of this endeavor our first of its kind Pan-African Forum will held at the academy as a side event to the AU 36th Heads of States Summit. The academy with its vast estate and state of the art facility will be hosting different workshops, trainings, and other deliberations. The future is in line with Africa’s Renaissance and our academy looks forward to be part of this great opportunity in the changing global order we all are part of.

Lets all Africans come together and make Africa Rise again,

Mehret Debebe Gebretsadik, (M.D)

Chief of Academy