Hanna Atinafu

Chief of Staff

Hanna is the current Chief of Staff at AFLEX. In this role she oversees the affairs of the Chief of the Academy and implements special projects that accelerate growth and learning for staff and program participants.

Prior to joining AFLEX Hanna has over two decades of experience with prominent organizations such as, Ethiopian Airlines, the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund, and the Ministry of Peace where she built a successful career in management.

Hanna is active in her community serving as General Manager and Board Member to various philanthropic organizations. She is a firm believer in paying it forward, engaging in mentoring and coaching opportunities, and pro-bono consulting. 

A certified change manager, who holds a Master of Science and Arts degree in Project Planning and Management, and Transformational Leadership and Change, and a Bachelors in Organizational Management; Hanna is currently pursuing her Doctoral in Business Administration in International Business at the University of Walden.