New Political trends and the changing world of of 21st century

African Leadership Excellence Academy provided training under the theme “New Political trends and the Changing World of the 21st Century” in the conference hall in Sululta city in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Minister of Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Ambassador Redwan Husen, the training’s goals are to help participants refresh their memories of the historical legacies of the changing world order, comprehend current global trends, challenges, and opportunities, and increase their understanding of the importance of maintaining vigilance as diplomats.

Redwan spoke to the diplomats about the international order of the 20th century, present world order concerns, returning to a multipolar world order, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and what it means for us.

He also provided guidance on how to navigate, how to interpret the issue in the context of the nation’s values, what steps had already been taken, and what lessons should be learned.

He also discussed the TPLF and the Ethiopian government in submission meetings, as well as the lessons he had gained from both. The training was moderated by Ambassador Tesfaye Yilma, state minister for international affairs.