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Workshop on Adult Learning Facilitation Skills

ADDIS ABABA, July 14, 2023, AFLEX: African Leadership Excellence Academy grasps Workshop on the topic of Adult Learning Facilitation Skills Prepared for AFLEX Trainers/ Facilitators and Regional States Training Institute Trainers here in Addis Ababa, Skylight Hotel.

In the opening remark, African Leadership Excellence Academy program sector Vice Chief, Mrs. Hiwot Alemayehu said, conducting research, Enhancing state-building and nation-building processes, providing leadership training, consultancy, and policy-making are the emphasis areas of the Academy.

The Vice chief similarly declared to the participants, the training is organized for Trainers and Facilitators of Leadership Training and revealed to listen thoughtfully and share their everyday experiences to the platform.

Yalew Endawoke (Professor) and Gulilat  Taddese delivered a presentation on the subject of Some introductory issues, Leadership development, Types and characteristics of Adult Learners, some Points for discussion, and What learning is? and What makes training different from learning (education)?

Throughout the training, there was a productive discussion among the participants.

The workshop continued for two days, July 14 -15/2023