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Workshop on Adult Learning in the 21st Century

Mehret Debebe (M.D.) Chief of the Academy

African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX) conducts a consultative workshop on adult learning in the 21st Century at the Skylight Hotel in Addis Ababa.
Opening the workshop, Mehret Debebe, Chief of AFLEX, remarked that the workshop created a great chance to understand the capacity and limitations of adult trainees-related leadership development programs.
He added that the workshop helps to find solutions that provide information about adult learning models and their emotional, behavioral, and moral issues.
The workshop will discuss the principles, technological aspects, types, and challenges of adult-focused training.
The workshop is expected to bring together the best experiences of countries in adult learning techniques.
The two-day workshop has brought relevant stakeholders from federal and regional states to enhance their engagement in the effectiveness of their training modalities.