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AFLEX and GEAPP Country Director Discuss Scaling Up and Transformation Programs

AFLEX Chief, Mr. Zadig Abreha, engaged in a productive discussion with the Country Director of the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP).

The meeting took place at AFLEX Reform and primarily focused on the academy’s reform, scaling up, and expansion programs.

During the meeting, Mr. Zadig provided a comprehensive overview of AFLEX’s objective to become a center of excellence not only for Ethiopia but for the entire African continent.

He emphasized the development of four general and thirty-seven specialized leadership programs that are scheduled to be implemented within a three-year timeframe.

To transform AFLEX into an international conference center, Mr. Zadig introduced a strategy called Sululuta like Davos, and called upon the international community to hold meetings at AFLEX as part of this endeavor.

Furthermore, he proposed that institutions working towards the green economy collaborate by participating in infrastructure construction at the AFLEX Idea production Centre, thereby becoming strategic partners of AFLEX.

Enas Abdella, the GEAPP Country Director, expressed gratitude for Mr. Zadig’s explanation about AFLEX and shared ideas on potential areas of collaboration.

Recognizing the importance of aligning energy production and usage in Ethiopia with the principles of the green economy, she emphasized the significance of research and studies in achieving international goals.

Both parties agreed, during the leadership development program design, to continue discussions on infrastructure and technical support collaboration with AFLEX. Enas visited the academy facility to further explore potential areas of cooperation.