Leadership Development Program

AFLEX is committed to changing the organizational and leadership culture of our continent. Through engaging and transformative learning curriculums leaders will have an opportunity to expound on their leadership skills using the best of learning science and innovative technology. Classroom learning will be complimented with eLearning learning, and immersive technology.

The transformation process is supported by three pillars: increased access to learning opportunities, quality research for improved decision and policy making, and consulting services to accelerate change in organizations.

Learning interventions are designed to address the unique leadership needs of leaders at all levels. Through AFLEX programs learners will be supported in their personal and professional growth. In addition, they will walk away with tools to guide through the next phase of growth and success in their industries having expanded their strategic thinking and business acumen to lead well.


Training programs are designed to emphasizes self-authorship of leaders , longitudinal learning, and capacity of reflection. This is further enabled through in person, e-learning, and other digital modalities focusing on adult learning methodology. Currently, AFLEX caters its training service using the following modalities:

On Demand Training



Bespoke learning is the future! AFLEX tailors short term trainings according to the needs of institutions to achieve strategic goals and influence...

Leadership Development Training


 DURATION: 12 – 18 months (hybrid)(long-term)


Project WILD incubates women leaders who can successfully compete for positions in the public sector, and stress tests leadership initiatives which will be...

Modular Senior Executive Training


DURATION: TBD (hybrid) (long-term)

Prudent and competent public service leadership is the foundation for sustainable growth. PSLE’s training modules are designed to alleviate the discourse...

Research and Policy Advise

AFLEX conducts studies and research on various leadership related topics to help government with policy making. Produced research publications and policy works are shared with key stakeholders providing advice and ideas on challenges, and potentional solutions.

AFLEX organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops to share key findings with stakeholders, encouraging them to use findings to advance research and cause.


  • Pan Africanism 
  • Horn/AFRICAN Countries Political Economy Study 
  • Ethiopian Modern State Leadership and Governance 
  • Nation building 
  • Intellectualism 
  • Public Diplomacy &International Relations 
  • Leadership Personalities 
  • Institutional Leadership 


“Pan-Africanism Now: Pan-Africanism for a Changing World”

A Research Project Commissioned by the African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX)

Pan-Africanism evolved as a key intellectual and political movement among the global African diaspora in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Its objective included the collective liberation, unification, independence, self-reliance and development of Africa and people of African descent. Pan-Africanism as a philosophy and a political movement has galvanized Africans and the greater African diaspora in the noble fight for justice, equality, and freedom.  Pan-Africanism spurred decolonization in Africa in the and the US civil rights movement in the 1960s. It can be seen as the contemporary struggle of black people for justice and equality in Africa and beyond.

Africa Leadership Excellence Academy is studying Pan-Africanism and its significance in the contemporary struggle for stability, security, and prosperity. The analysis that follows will provide input on how to refocus and reprioritize Africa’s agenda in light of current events; especially the global pandemic and deepening global security challenges. It can help to show directions in which Ethiopia can deploy its moral and intellectual leadership in the promotion of national and continental objectives with implications for the rest of the world.