As an accomplished ICT professional, I bring a wealth of experience in network administration, software development, system administration, and database Design. With a passion for navigating the dynamic landscape of Information and Communication Technology, I am dedicated to delivering seamless solutions that drive efficiency and propel businesses into the future. Explore the intersection of technology and proficiency with me, as we embark on a journey to harness the power of connectivity and innovation.


I have designed, installed, and maintained workstations, servers, networks, firewalls, IP phones, and video conferencing infrastructure. I have also developed plans and procedures for system upgrades, migrations, and disaster recovery and have compiled IT training and assessment resources based on technical processes and skills development needs.

I have experience developing a web application for communication and file sharing, built two systems to help the Academy manage both training and library resources, provided support and training for Electronic Government Procurement system, and designed and developed a website for the African Leadership Excellence Academy.