AFLEX and the Embassy of Switzerland in Ethiopia Join to Empower African Leaders

Breaking Boundaries: AFLEX and the Embassy of Switzerland in Ethiopia Unite to Transform African Leadership Development.
AFLEX, in partnership with various organizations, The Embassy of Switzerland in Ethiopia, is working to empower African leaders through leadership development programs.
In a recent meeting, AFLEX president, Zadig Abreha, discussed plans for expansion and collaboration with @TamaraMona, Ambassador to Ethiopia and South Sudan.
The academy aims to connect African leaders and promote collaboration through its programs. They have already implemented initiatives to empower leaders and set agendas.
Additionally, AFLEX plans to establish an international conference center called Sululuta like DAVOS to facilitate connections with leaders from other continents.
During the meeting, Mr. Zadig asked Ambassador Tamara Mona to explore programmatic cooperation regarding professional experts and infrastructure planning concerning Davos in Switzerland and its sister city, Sululuta Davos in Ethiopia.
Ambassador Tamara Mona expressed gratitude for the presentation and the support for AFLEX projects and leadership development programs.
Mr. Zadig presented comprehensive explanations to address questions and ensure clarity on the discussed issues.