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AFLEX Seeks International Collaboration and Support for Expansion and Reform

Mr. Zadig Abreha, the chief of AFLEX, discussed with Dr. Ramiz Alakbarov, the UN Assistant Secretary-General and UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, regarding AFLEX’s reform, scaling up, and transformation.

The discussion revolved around Reform, scaling up, and transforming the academy’s programs.

During the presentation, Mr. Zadig explained that AFLEX Academy aims to become a center of excellence for Ethiopia and Africa.

To achieve this goal, AFLEX has designed four general and 37 specialized leadership development programs and is working on implementing them within a three-year timeframe.

Mr. Zadig expressed the desire for the international community and development organizations to become aware of AFLEX and collaborate with them.

He sought support from these entities for infrastructure and programming that could not be solely accomplished with domestic resources.

Dr. Ramiz acknowledged AFLEX’s infrastructure and leadership development programs and expressed keen interest in identifying institutions to collaborate with on expanding and transitioning the infrastructure.

He similarly highlighted the significance of making AFLEX an international conference center, like Davos, which would provide an opportunity to leverage Ethiopia’s potential. Dr. Ramiz suggested that continental and international conferences could be organized through the United Nations in partnership with AFLEX.