AFLEX Partners with Japan to Empower African Leaders

AFLEX Partners with Japan to Empower African Leaders Pan-Africanism, Partnerships, and Progress: AFLEX’s Ambitious Agenda to Elevate African Voices and Transform the Continent

May 21, 2024: Sululta / AFLEX / Mr. Zadig Abreha and Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary, Shibata Hironori are keen to empower African leaders through its leadership development programs.

AFLEX president Zadig Abreha said AFLEX is a unique place where academic rigor meets worldliness, bridging the gap between unlocking the best in Ethiopia and Africa.

In a recent discussion, AFLEX president, Zadig Abreha, welcomed the ambassador on behalf of the academy and the community and discussed plans for expansion and collaboration with Mr. Shibata Hironori, the Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia.

Leveraging Ethiopia’s strategic position in Africa, AFLEX aspires to become a community-based organization, nurturing and staging African leadership in a place where it can thrive. He added.

The overarching goal of this initiative, dubbed the “African Davos Project,” is to make Sululta, a center for international conferences, just like Davos in Switzerland, and to ensure that African issues are on the agenda of Africans, on African land.

Furthermore, he alleged, AFLEX is committed to the cause of Pan-Africanism and African-ness, serving as a hard-core center of learning, growth, research, and publication, as well as a soft-shell continental center for dreams, dialogues, deals, arts, and culture.

He supposed the academy aims to bridge the gap between Africa’s ancient civilization and its current poverty through its “Idea Production” initiatives, which include a continental center for marquee awards and recognition, as well as leadership award programs for Africa and Ethiopia.

As AFLEX continues its journey, it is scaling up its infrastructure and establishing a state-of-the-art facility and smart farm, further solidifying its commitment to empowering African leaders and transforming the continent.

Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary, Shibata Hironori in his part thanked for the comprehensive presentation and details and agreed for the possible areas of collaboration especially in industrial policy dialogue and other similarities with the academy.

Finally, Mr. Zadig expressed Ethiopia and the academy needs a lot to learn from Japan’s ethics, discipline, and love of motherland experiences.