AFLEX President and US Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Officer Discuss the Future of the Leadership Development Program and Partnership

The President of the African Leadership Excellence Academy, Mr. Zadig Abreha, and the Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy, Ryan Bradeen, met today to discuss the latest developments in the leadership development program and potential partnership opportunities between the parties.
The meeting focused on the importance of the Leadership Development Program, women’s leadership, and emerging leadership in today’s complex global landscape. Mr. Zadig emphasized the need for leaders to possess these skills to navigate high-pressure situations and build strong relationships with international partners.
“We believe that leadership development is key to achieving this goal,” said Mr. Zadig. “That’s why we’re excited to explore potential partnership opportunities with the US Embassy.”
“We’re particularly interested in exploring ways to integrate our expertise in leadership development program and experience sharing into the US Embassy’s diplomatic training programs,” said Mr. Zadig.
Mr. Ryan Bradeen noted that the US Embassy promotes cross-cultural dialogue and exchange programs to build bridges between the US and other countries.
The parties discussed several potential collaboration initiatives, including joint research projects, workshops, and training programs.
The initiative aims to enhance leadership skills among senior leaders, business leaders, and community members in the US and the Academy’s international network.
The meeting concluded with a commitment from both parties to explore further partnership opportunities and establish a framework for collaboration.

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