ADDIS ABABA, May 27, 2024 – In a move to forge stronger international connections, the African Leadership Academy (AFLEX) recently held a high-level discussion with representatives from the University of Melbourne.
The virtual meeting, conducted over Zoom, brought together Zadig Abreha, the President of AFLEX Academy, and Professor Michael Wesley, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Global, Culture and Engagement at the University of Melbourne.
During the meeting, Mr. Zadig presented a comprehensive overview of AFLEX Academy’s vision and aspirations. He emphasized the academy’s pivotal role as a bridge, effectively closing the gap between diverse leaders and institutions. By means of their dynamic leadership development program, AFLEX Academy aims to connect African leaders and foster a culture of collaboration among them.
The two leaders engaged in a collaborative dialogue, exploring potential avenues for the two institutions to work together in the future. “This discussion represents an important step in our efforts to build bridges between Africa and the rest of the world,” said Mr. Zadig. “By exploring synergies with prestigious institutions like the University of Melbourne, we can accelerate the development of world-class African leadership with a truly global impact.”
For his part, Professor Wesley expressed the University of Melbourne’s commitment to enhancing its global footprint. “As a university dedicated to driving positive change worldwide, we are excited about the prospect of collaborating with AFLEX Academy,” he stated. “There is immense potential for us to learn from each other and jointly contribute to the advancement of leadership excellence.”
The zoom-based discussion marks the beginning of what both parties hope will evolve into a fruitful and long-lasting partnership. By leveraging their respective strengths and networks, the AFLEX Academy and the University of Melbourne aim to create new opportunities for student and faculty exchange, joint research initiatives, and other collaborative programs.
This strategic engagement underscores AFLEX Academy’s ambition to position itself as a hub for cultivating world-class African leadership with a global impact. Through innovative partnerships, the academy continues to forge connections that will empower the next generation of transformative leaders across the continent and beyond.