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CNAG grasps Practices and experience of Leadership Training in China

SULULUTA, NOVEMBER 6, 2023, AFLEX/China National Academy of Governance delivered training on the topic of practices and experience of leadership training to the chiefs and staff of the African Leadership Excellence Academy on November 6, 2023, at the academy round table hall in Sululuta city.
African Leadership Excellence Academy, Vice Chief of Operations Wondye Legesse/PhD/ welcomed the delegates, thanked them for the eye-opening experience, and stated that they should share their knowledge and philosophies.
AFLEX, program Vice Chief, Mrs. Hiwot Alemayehu, similarly welcomed the delegates, expressed participant’s willingness to write down points and ask questions, and invited the presenter.
China National Academy of Governance Director-General, Department of Scientific Socialism Prof. Cao Pu stated China needed a very strong leadership team and made extra effort to build the team.
The Academy training comprises party and government leaders participating in the training. The professor uttered
The professor also revealed that party ideology, character, potential promotional training, in-service vice training, and off-job training are some of the training areas given in the academy.
Party character education, party rules and regulations, and constitutions are also the focuses. He added.
The professor articulated the historical learning reform, the development of the Chinese nation, performance capacity buildings, and correspondingly, training issues.
He also declared that online training, methods of training, and leadership training programs in China incorporate experiential learning methods. These may include simulations, role-playing exercises, outdoor team-building activities, and case studies. Experiential learning is believed to enhance problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, and teamwork.
Questions were raised by the participants, and answers were given.
Finally, Mrs. Hiwot Alemayehu summarized the performance, appreciated the academy, expressed thanks to the delegates, and articulated that both sides will stay together in partnership in the coming years.