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Ministry to establish Idea Production Center at AFLEX.

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration has decided to construct Idea Production Center at the African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX).

The Honorable Minister of Trade and Regional Integration, Gebre Mesekel Chala, revealed the decision after reviewing the initial proposal submitted by the technical committee tasked with studying in alliance with AFLEX.

The Minister stated that the institution has chosen to build an idea production center aimed at improving business and regional Integrations.

Stating the ministry’s desire to leave a lasting impact in the field of leadership development, the honorable Minister emphasized the importance of supporting AFLEX’s leadership development programs.

The Honorable Minister stated that the construction of a modern study and research center offers comprehensive services and coordinates with investors involved in the business sector and regional Integrations.

The Minister expressed hope that the center would be capable of generating scientific and problem-solving ideas.

Furthermore, he highlighted the ministry’s intention to include essential facilities, such as an outdoor sports zone, within the center.

In addition to the technical committee’s initial proposal on AFLEX awards, the honorable minister outlined specific categories from the AFLEX leadership awards that the ministry wishes to incorporate. These include recognition for the best researcher, business professional, business leader, head of institution, and wholesaler, and competitive rewards for retailers.

The technical committee has been assigned tasks and is expected to submit its report within fifteen days, as stated by the Honorable Minister Gebre Meskel Chala.

Mr. Zadig Abraha, the chief of AFLEX, highly praised the Ministry’s decision to support the African leadership development program and three-year strategy. He assured AFLEX’s commitment to exceed expectations and elevate the level of cooperation between the two entities.