President of AFLEX and BRICSExpertCouncilmembers Discuss Leadership Development Programs to Empower African Leaders

Mr. Zadig and BRICSExpertCouncilHead, VictoriaPanova discussed about strengthening cooperation between AFLEX and Russian academic and think tank institutions under the BRICS framework.
During the meeting, presented an overview of AFLEX scaling-up and transformation projects. He emphasized that AFLEX serves as a bridge to close the gap between different leaders and institutions. Through their leadership development program, the academy aims to connect African leaders and facilitate collaboration among them.
Over the past years, AFLEX has developed and implemented four general and thirty-eight specialized leadership development programs to transform Africa from agenda Receiver to agenda setter.
Mr. Zadig also highlighted the academy’s comprehensive strategy to foster extensive leadership development activities. These Projects aim to ensure that Africa receives the benefits it deserves from countries worldwide by connecting African leaders with counterparts from other continents.
During the meeting, Mr. Zadig also requested support from the BRICS Expert Council to empower Ethiopian and African leaders through a leadership development program.
In response, BRICS Expert Council Head, Victoria Panova, expressed her satisfaction with the explanations provided regarding AFLEX projects and leadership development programs. She commended the academy for their valuable ideas and opinions.
Additionally, Mr. Zadig provided detailed explanations to address questions raised by BRICS Expert Council members, ensuring clarity on the matters discussed.