Mr. Zadig Abraha Presents Scaling Up and Transformation Strategies to Ethiopian Shipping Transport and Logistics Service

Mr. Zadig Abreha, the chief of AFLEX, recently made an impactful presentation on scaling up and transformation strategies for the Ethiopian Sea Transport and Logistics Service.

During a discussion with senior officials of the organization, Mr. Abreha expressed AFLEX’s dedication to becoming a center of excellence for leadership development programs, not only for Ethiopia but for the entire African continent.

AFLEX Academy aims to collaborate with the Ethiopian Sea Transport and Logistics Service by initiating a specialized leadership development program within the sector.

Mr. Abreha urged the organization to leverage AFLEX’s extensive expertise and experience to commence this collaborative effort. He emphasized the importance of establishing an idea-production center and enhancing research activities to yield scientific and problem-solving outcomes.

Dr. Beriso Amelo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Maritime Transport and Logistics Service, expressed his appreciation for the continent-wide reform efforts undertaken by AFLEX.

He commended the expansion and transition plan presented by Mr. Abraha and assured his institution’s support in its implementation.

The discussion encompassed various aspects of working with AFLEX and explored how the leadership development program could synergize with the service’s existing Leadership Institute in Adaa.

Dr. Beriso Amelo also expressed the organization’s interest in constructing idea production centers within AFLEX, with plans to initiate the process after engaging in discussions with relevant officials.

Senior officials from the Ethiopian Sea Transport and Logistics Service actively participated in the discussion, raising questions, and providing comments on the expansion and transition plan.

Mr. Zadig Abraha, the Chief of AFLEX, responded to and clarified their queries and concerns.

The collaboration between AFLEX and the Ethiopian Sea Transport and Logistics Service holds significant potential for driving growth and transformation in the sector.

With a shared vision of leadership development and research excellence, both entities are poised to contribute to the advancement of Ethiopia’s sea transport and logistics industries.