Potential Areas of Collaboration Explored Between AFLEX and CSOs Consultative Meeting Highlights Prospective Partnerships

Addis Ababa: A consultative meeting recently convened at AFLEX, bringing together prominent Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to deliberate on potential areas of collaboration with the aim of fostering programmatic growth, infrastructure development, and scale-up initiatives.

The meeting emphasized the importance of CSOs’ active involvement in leadership development programs, with a specific focus on nurturing emerging leaders and establishing a competence framework to recognize exceptional individuals and organizations.

In conclusion, the consultative meeting held at AFLEX served as a platform for CSOs and AFLEX to discuss potential areas of collaboration.

The proposed focus areas include governance and accountability, community empowerment advocacy, and evidence generation.

AFLEX’s commitment to fostering partnerships with CSOs was evident throughout the meeting, notably through its emphasis on leadership development programs and the establishment of a competence framework.

As CSOs and AFLEX move forward, the shared vision of creating a more inclusive and empowered society remains at the forefront of their collaborative efforts.