The President of AFLEX engaged in a productive discussion with the Embassy of Ireland in Ethiopia.

The President of AFLEX had a fruitful discussion that garnered consensus on various leadership development program issues with Nicola Brennan, Ambassador of Ireland, and Permanent Representative to the African Union.
The President of AFLEX and the Ireland Ambassador in Ethiopia discussed the academy #reform, scaling up, and transformation initiatives.
Zadig discussed AFLEX’s plans for reform, scaling up, and transformation, emphasizing the need for Embassy support in leadership development program design and implementation.
Mr. Zadig Abreha highlighted the academy’s three-year strategy, which includes four general and 38 specialized leadership development programs.
Mr. Zadig highlighted the academy’s women’s leadership development program, highlighting the Embassy’s role and the importance of partnerships in empowering women leaders and professionals.
Nicola Brennan, Irish Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the African Union expressed her willingness to collaborate with AFLEX on implementing their leadership development framework.
The discussion between the Irish Embassy in Ethiopia and AFLEX has strengthened their partnership, fostered closer relations, and fostering a stronger relationship she added.
Nicola Brennan, Ireland’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the African Union, highlighted the significance of the discussion in strengthening the relationship between AFLEX and the Irish Government.