You are currently viewing Zadig Abreha holds a conversation with World Bank Country Director Ousmane Dione

Zadig Abreha holds a conversation with World Bank Country Director Ousmane Dione

Mr. Zadig Abreha, chief of AFLEX, discussed AFLEX’s leadership development program and reform with World Bank Country Director Ousmane Dione.

The Country Director received a comprehensive briefing on AFLEX’s Reform, Scaling Up, and Transformation strategies.

In his presentation, Mr. Abreha emphasized AFLEX’s commitment to becoming a center of excellence for Ethiopia and Africa.

He summarized the academy’s four general and thirty-seven special leadership development programs, designed to be implemented within three years.

Mr. Zadig also highlighted the need for World Bank technical support in implementing AFLEX’s leadership development programs, especially in areas such as infrastructure and programming expertise.

He mentioned the academy’s plan to establish AFLEX as a conference center, hosting workshops, symposiums, and conferences like Davos.

Country Director Ousmane Dione emphasized the importance of AFLEX’s leadership development program in building the capacity of African leadership.

He informed AFLEX to collaborate closely with continental institutions and, remarkably, international, and regional organizations working in the field of leadership.

He suggested engaging with institutions such as the African Union, IGAD, ECOWAS, and COMESA to make the leadership development programs accessible and to foster partnerships with various foundations to enhance private sector leadership.

Furthermore, he stressed the need for strategic cooperation and a branding strategy to promote the academy to the international community.

Overall, the meeting resulted in productive discussions and an understanding of the necessary steps to strengthen AFLEX’s leadership development programs with the support of the World Bank and international institutions.

The Country Director is responsible for Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Sudan in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region.