AFLEX and the Institute for Security Studies are uniting to bridge the gap and unlock Ethiopia’s potential through a leadership development program

The President of AFLEX, Mr. Zadig Abraha, discussed with Dr.PaulSimonHandy, Regional Director for Institute for Security Studies, East Africa, and Representative to the African Union.
AFLEX and Institute for Security Studies Join Forces to Empower African Leaders: A Game-Changer in Leadership Development Programs.
AFLEX and the Institute of Security Studies have joined forces to empower African leaders through leadership development programs.
ADDIS ABABA, April 25, 2024-The president of AFLEX, Zadig Abreha, recently met with Dr. Paul-Simon Handy, Regional Director for East Africa and Representative of AU.
During the meeting, Mr. Zadig presented AFLEX ‘s plans for expansion and transformation. The leadership development program aims to connect African leaders and promote collaboration among them.
AFLEX has already implemented several programs with the goal of empowering African leaders to actively set agendas.
Mr. Zadig also shared the academy’s comprehensive strategy to foster extensive leadership development activities, including establishing an international conference center called Sululuta DAVOS.
The center would serve as a platform for African leaders to connect with counterparts from other continents.
Dr. Paul-Simon Handy expressed satisfaction with academy’s projects and leadership development programs and agreed to collaborate with AFLEX.
Mr. Zadig Abraha provided detailed explanations to address questions raised during the meeting, ensuring clarity on the discussed matters.