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AFLEX and UNWOMEN Partnership

In a groundbreaking announcement, the AFLEX president and the Deputy Representative of the United Nations Women (UNWOMEN) have joined forces to identify potential partnership areas to advance the empowerment and rights of women.

In a recent discussion, the AFLEX and United Nations Women (UNWOMEN) their intention to explore potential partnership areas to further the mutual goals of the Women Leadership development program.

During the discussion, Mr. Zadig Abreha highlighted the importance of leadership academies partnering with international organizations like UNWomen to address the persistent challenges faced by women and girls globally.

He emphasized the need for a Leadership Development Program (LDP), research-driven solutions, innovative programs, and advocacy efforts to break down barriers to women’s rights and opportunities.

The Deputy Representative of the United Nations Women (UNWOMEN), Schadrack Dusabehig his sentiments, on the organization’s commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women to reach their full potential.

Schadrack Dusabehig stated the organization’s commitment to supporting AFLEX in its efforts to achieve the Women Leadership Development Program through innovative partnerships and programs.

He expressed optimism about the potential for cooperation with AFLEX in areas such as training, capacity building, and knowledge sharing. The Deputy Representative added Knowledge exchange initiatives, such as lectures, conferences, and workshops, to promote dialogue and collaboration between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.

Several potential partnership areas were discussed during the meeting. These are, Research initiatives focused on key issues affecting women, such as gender-based violence, access to education and healthcare, economic empowerment, and political participation.

Capacity-building programs to support women’s leadership development, mentorship opportunities, and skills training to enhance their economic and social empowerment.

Mr. Zadig and Schadrack Dusabehig expressed their eagerness to collaborate on initiatives that would have a tangible impact on the lives of women and girls.

They emphasized the importance of a multi-faceted approach to addressing gender inequality and highlighted the potential for their partnership to drive meaningful change in communities and societies.

As the AFLEX and the UNWomen continue to explore potential areas for collaboration, their shared commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s rights will pave the way for transformative change. Their partnership represents a significant step towards creating a more equitable and inclusive world where women and girls can thrive and fulfill their potential.