Public Leadership for Gender Equality Program Nationalizes in Ethiopia

May 30, 2024 – SULULUTA /AFLEX/ – In a significant step towards advancing gender equality,
African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX) held a pivotal assessment and planning workshop in collaboration with public leadership for Gender Equality (PL4GE) team.
During the event, the President of AFLEX, Zadig Abrera, initiated the participants not to challenge women but rather to make the necessary sacrifices to invest in women and promote gender equality.
The workshop, held in the AFLEX Leadership Development Center in Sululuta town, was facilitated by Mrs. Enn Denvil and Mr. Alex MuyNive from the Center for Gender Equality.
The workshop aimed to provide an overview of the PL4GE program, assess the AFLEX team’s contributions, and identify priorities for program implementation and facilities.
Mrs. Enn Denvil and Mr. Alex Munive highlighted PL4GE’s innovative conceptual framework, strategic-based approach, and collaborative work with leaders to drive change.
The workshop explored PL4GE’s gender leadership principles, focusing on the “6 P’s”: people, partnership, public value co-creation, purpose, personal commitment, and power.
Participants discussed the design and implementation of the PL4GE program, focusing on Ethiopia’s experiences, through individual reflections, pair-and-share activities, and discussions.
The nationalization of Ethiopia’s PL4GE program is a significant step towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in public leadership roles.
The workshop’s discussions and outcomes will guide the program’s scope and implementation strategies, aiming to foster a more inclusive and equitable society.
The workshop will continue until May 31st, 2024.The President of AFLEX, Enn Denvil, and Alex Munive from the Center for Gender Equality group visited the AFLEX compound.

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