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AFLEX and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology

AFLEX Chief Zadig Abreha recently had a productive discussion with the Honorable Minister of Innovation and Technology Belete Mola (Ph.D.).

Mr. Zadig Abraha, the Chief of AFLEX, delivered a compelling presentation on scaling up and transformation to the senior leaders of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Mr. Zadig highlighted AFLEX’s commitment to becoming a leading center for leadership development programs across Ethiopia and the African continent.

AFLEX plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to launch a specialized leadership development program, leveraging AFLEX’s extensive expertise. The Chief stressed the significance of establishing an idea-production center and enhancing research activities to achieve scientific and problem-solving outcomes.

Honorable Minister Belete Mola (Ph.D.) emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to empowering leadership and professionals through AFLEX’s leadership development programs.

He expressed interest in AFLEX’s award program and the establishment of an idea generation center to enhance sector leadership.