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Women Leadership Development Program training endures

SULULUTA, November 13, 2023—AFLEX—African Leadership Excellence Academy delivered third-round capacity-building training for women in the public sector and government enterprises, middle-level, aspiring, and low-level leaders of different organizations on November 13, 2023, at the academy round table hall in SULULUTA city.
At the opening ceremony of the training, Gashaw Haile, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic and Research at Ethiopian Airlines Aviation University, designated that the objective of the training is to develop a clear understanding of leading with vision and purpose and improve strategic thinking skills for organizational alignment.
Gashaw, Ph.D., uttered, Leading with Vision and Purpose, Strategic Thinking for Organizational Alignment, Introduction to Leading with Vision and Purpose, Understanding the Importance of Vision and Purpose in Leadership, Identifying Personal Values and Aligning Them with Organizational Goals, and Developing a Compelling Vision Statement.
In the training, group exercises, case studies, and group presentations were presented by the participants.
During the training, there was a fruitful discussion between the participants, and it was specified that the group discussion and the training were valuable.
It was indicated that the training will continue in the subjects of innovation and creativity, strategic execution, strategic leadership, collaboration and partnerships, introduction to decision-making and overcoming decision-making challenges, and other correlated issues from November 13 to November 16, 2023.