Unlocking Africa’s Potential: AFLEX and the First Secretary Political in the British Embassy Join Forces to Bridge the Gap between Academic Rigor and Real-World Impact

AFLEX President and Ben Leibowitz, First Secretary, Political British Embassy in Ethiopia, Forge Paths for Transformative Partnership
The African Leadership Excellence Academy president, Mr. Zadig Abreha, recently discussed with Ben Leibowitz, the First Secretary of the Political British Embassy in Ethiopia.
The purpose of their meeting was to explore potential areas of partnership.
During the meeting, Mr. Zadig Abreha provided detailed insights into AFLEX Academy’s reform, scaling up, and transformation plans.
The discussion point was the leadership development projects that AFLEX plans to execute over the next three years.
Mr. Zadig mentioned that the African Leadership Excellence Academy has designed four General and thirty-eight specialized leadership development programs.
He explained that a detailed strategy, consisting of over 2,500 pages, has been prepared for the implementation of these programs.
He also highlighted AFLEX ‘s collaboration with local and foreign stakeholders and expressed the desire to work in cooperation with the UK to achieve their plans.
He emphasized the academy’s mission of bridging the gap between academic rigor and practical worldliness, to unlock the best potential in Ethiopia and Africa.
Mr. Zadig also highlighted the importance of leveraging Ethiopia’s strategic position within the African continent, expressing aspirations for AFLEX to become a community-based organization.
Furthermore, Mr. Zadig Abreha shared information about AFLEX’s initiatives, including the African Davos project in Sululta.
This project envisions Ethiopia as the African capital, reimagining the Davos model for fostering dialogue, dreams, and development on the African continent.
Ben Leibowitz, First Secretary of of the Political British Embassy in Ethiopia, responded positively to the presentation, expressing his appreciation for the insights shared.
Ben Leibowitz also emphasized the importance of women and emerging leader’s capacity building and the exchange of experts and encouraged AFLEX to provide detailed research programs.
The First Secretary appreciated AFLEX’s reform, scaling-up, and transformation projects and expressed willingness to support the exchange of experts. Additionally,
He requested that AFLEX provide detailed leadership development program documents to further enhance their initiatives.
Ben Leibowitz also expressed his desire to establish a solid partnership with the African Women and Emerging Leadership Development programs.
In a show of interest and support, Mr. Zadig Abreha and Ben Leibowitz visited the facilities of AFLEX Academy, further solidifying their commitment to exploring potential collaboration between their respective organizations.