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Leadership program Updates for Ambassadors and Diplomats

Sululta, December 11, 2023 (AFLEX) The African Leadership Excellence Academy delivered an explanation to ambassadors and diplomats based in Addis Ababa vis-à-vis the academy’s reform, expansion, and transformation program.
Zadig Abreha, the Chief of the Academy of African Leadership Excellence, explained that this program was born out of the dream to improve the institutional capacity of the academy, transforming it into an institution that maximizes its potential and nurtures progressive change.
Mr. Zadig also stated that the program is extensive and comprehensive, encompassing 13 major projects. Moreover, he provided a detailed overview of the leadership development project, the vision to establish the academy as a truly African institution, the design and implementation of African programs, the generation of innovative ideas akin to Davos, and infrastructural reforms, among other initiatives.
Furthermore, the chief of the academy declared the opening of several programs and institutions, including the School of African Studies, the African School of Public Affairs, the School of Future Studies, and the African Leadership Development Program.
During the session, ambassadors and diplomats had the opportunity to visit the academy’s modern facilities, including its halls, seminar and conference rooms, VIP reception area for guests and delegates, teachers’ lounges, and other service rooms.
Finally, all ambassadors and diplomats had the opportunity to participate in a tree-planting ceremony, allowing them to contribute to environmental sustainability in specially designated areas that were prepared for this purpose.