AFLEX grips training, women’s Leadership Development Program

Sululta August 7, 2023, AFLEX: African Leadership Excellence Academy held a training on the basics of leadership, emotional Intelligence, managing stress, Integrity, effective communication and presentation skills, self-confidence, and motivation for public service and various developmental enterprises for middle-level women leaders here in Sululuta City at the conference hall of the academy.

The project manager of AFLEX, Mr. Mesfin Behailu, welcomed the women leaders and presented a general orientation and summary of the program, a module overview, and expectations.

He alleged that creating innovative and inclusive problem-solving strategies, developing effective communication skills to achieve institutional goals, and demonstrating their ability to think strategically in the workplace as a leader were the main purposes of the training.

The trainers were Mehret Debebe (Dr.), Mrs. Hiwot Alemayehu, Asefa Buzuneh (Dr.), Kenenisa (Dr.), Getachew (Dr.), and Hana (Dr.).

Professor Aster Tsegaye from Addis Abeba University presented and shared her 35 years of lifetime experience on work-life balance with the participants.

Transparently, through the training questions and commentaries, which were elevated by the participants and resulted in a productive exchange of ideas among contestants, it was publicized that the training was appropriate, and substantial enough for them to actively take part.

In the training, there were ice-breaking, group activities, and team-building exercises.

In the three days of training, August 7–9, 2023, over 45 Participants from the public service and various developmental enterprises middle-level leaders participated.