African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX) is committed to changing the organizational and leadership culture of our continent. Through engaging and transformative learning curriculums leaders will have an opportunity to expound on their leadership skills using the best of learning science and innovative technology. Classroom learning will be complimented with eLearning learning, and immersive technology.
The transformation process is supported by three pillars: increased access to learning opportunities, quality research for improved decision and policy making, and consulting services to accelerate change in organizations.

In order to strengthen its institutional mission and establish a continental presence, African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX) underwent revision and re-establishment through Council of Ministers Regulation No. 484/2021, with a primary focus on three core missions: leadership training, research, and consultancy services. Based on its mandate and duties, the academy has been trying to do a variety of tasks for women leadership, successor leaders, civil society, political parties, private institutions, and senior government leaders in the country and on the continent of Africa.

The Academy’s practical performance has a lot to do with its mission, but it has been carrying out tasks in terms of infrastructure expansion and leadership training. It is still performing. However, given the broad and deep mission that the Academy carries, it cannot be said that it is satisfactory in carrying out the required leadership development activities at both the domestic and African levels. Therefore, it is necessary to identify issues that are challenges to the success of the institutional mission and undertake reform, expansion, and transformation activities.

Accordingly, the academy is currently preparing to design a leadership development program and put it into practice so that it can carry out leadership development activities effectively. AFLEX has formulated a comprehensive, horizon-wide program to carry out activities that consider three pillars: 1) institutional reform; 2) expanding its institutional mission; and 3) ensuring institutional transformation. AFLEX has developed thirteen Leadership Development Programs (LDP) to accomplish this task effectively. If these thirteen programs can be carried out effectively, AFLEX like its namesake, will be a source of pride for the continent and Ethiopia. With these reforms, scaling up, and transformation, Ethiopia and Africa will regain their rightful and equitable place in this complex world of rapid change and turmoil through institutions that are fortunate to have competent leaders.

Reform, Scaling Up, and Transformation Programs