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Second-round capacity-building training for women

The African Leadership Excellence Academy provided second-round capacity-building training for women in the public sector and government enterprises, middle-level, aspiring, and low-level leaders of different organizations on September 18, 2023, at the academy hall in Sululuta town.

At the opening ceremony of the training, AFLEX Chief of Staff, Mrs. Hanna Atnafu, enlightened that it was a training designed to increase the capacity of the women middle-level leaders of institutions and urged the trainees to turn the knowledge they gained into action when they return to their institution.

Mrs. Hanna stressed that the trainees should work as a team to achieve the vision and mission of their organization and try to make a difference in the lessons they acquire.

They should not only wait for the training to come to them, but they should go and take it, Hana stated.

All through the training, there was a productive discussion between the participants, and it was stated that the group debate and the training were valuable.

In the training, group work was presented by the participants. It is indicated that the training will last from September 18 to September 21, 2016.