The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Ethiopia Ambassador Dr. Fahad Al-humaydani is dedicated to Empowering African leaders through leadership development programs

In a recent meeting, AFLEX Academy’s president, #Zadig Abreha, discussed plans for expansion and collaboration with Ambassador @Dr.Fahad Alhumaydani.
Mr. #Zadig inquired about three areas of potential collaboration, including institutional capacity-building like the exchange of professionals, support of a women’s leadership development program, and funding for emerging leaders.
Ambassador @Dr.Fahad Alhumaydani expressed his support for #AFLEX’s projects and leadership development programs. he acknowledged the academy’s efforts in reforming, scaling up, and transforming African leadership.
The Ambassador also emphasized the importance of #ideagenerationcenter and the exchange of experts and encouraged AFLEX to provide detailed research programs.
The Ambassador appreciated AFLEX’s #reform, #scaling-up, and #transformation projects and expressed willingness to support the idea generation center and exchange of experts. Additionally, he requested AFLEX to provide detailed research programs to further enhance their initiatives.